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20. Numicon Big Ideas: supporting secondary transition in maths

Louise Pennington

In this episode of Oxford Ed Chat, we welcome Louise Pennington and Adam Gaskell to chat about supporting secondary transition in maths. Louise and Adam discuss removing barriers to maths learning, the benefits of using manipulatives and the meaning of mastery. 

Louise Pennington is Professional Development lead for Oxford University Press, previous teacher, specialist maths teacher and local authority SEND Team lead working with both primary and secondary schools, students and parents. She is a Numicon Author and vice-chair of the Mathematical Association’s joint primary group. Louise tweets at @pdLouiseP 

Adam Gaskell is Head of Mathematics at a Leicestershire secondary school, NPQML and NCETM Mastery Advocate. Adam tweets at @MrGTeach 

Numicon Big Ideas provides engaging and confidence building activities for embedding the key concepts in upper Key Stage 2, offering extra support in Maths as students settle in. 

Find out more about resources to support transition to secondary school here 

2. How to engage children with reading to expand their vocabulary

Shareen Wilkinson

The link between extensive reading and a broad vocabulary is well known, but how can teachers expand children’s vocabulary when they’re reluctant to read?  

In this episode of our series Word Up with Helen Prince, Helen and Shareen Wilkinson talk about children’s literature, early memories, reading and poetry. Shareen discusses the different strategies she uses to engage children with reading; including dance, music and drama. Shareen also shares stories from her best lessons and why they’ve been so successful.  A lovely conversation looking at the link between vocabulary and reading in primary schools. 

Shareen is a primary school senior leader, former LA lead Primary English advisor, and an established educational author and series editorShareen advises at national level, including as a DfE grammar and reading (KS1 and KS2) subject specialist. 

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1. Why is language important for understanding mathematical concepts?

Andrew Jeffrey

In this first episode of our series Word Up with Helen Prince, Helen and Andrew Jeffrey discuss the importance of understanding language in order to grasp mathematical concepts.  Mathematics is more than just numbers – it’s a language in its own right, and in order for children to understand it they need to hear it and think it.  Andrew offers a fascinating take on concept and language.
Helen is an English Advisor, author of Oxford University Press’s Get It Right: Boost Your Vocabulary, and CEO of ChatterStars. Andrew is a Primary Maths Consultant, author, and the Director of Magic Message Ltd. Andrew’s passion is studying why some children find mathematics so hard to grasp.

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